Inspiring. Competence. Honesty.

Often hailed as one of the most well-rounded and effective lecturers in East Africa, Dr. Scott brings his experience in over sixty (60) countries to provide unparalleled depth and effectiveness to corporate training.  Firms often do not realize that a disconnect exists between the realities that science knows and what organizations actually do.  Scott’s extensive industry knowledge merged with his wide-ranging research brings previously obscure scientific understanding into executive offices and corporate board rooms for the first time.  Executives praise his unique applied learning techniques “shockingly enjoyable and humorous while discovering life-changing skills”.

Dr. Scott serves as an Assistant Professor of Management, the Director of an entrepreneurship center, and elected by fellow faculty to chair their campus body for a leading East African university.  He also writes as a columnist for the Business Daily and as a resident author with the Artist Colony of Kenya.  

His prior experience includes CEO of microfinance banks, commercial banker, NGO country and regional director, researcher, and author.  Scott conducted his studies at the Durham University Business School in the United Kingdom and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management, and Ohio Wesleyan University in the United States.  Over the years, Scott sat on the boards of directors for the Association of Microfinance Professionals of Kenya, Maono Economic Development, Milele Ministries, Progressive Professors Forum, as well as the Institute for Organization Development Professionals.  Further, Scott served on advisory boards for eleven (11) socially conscious business venture startups in East Africa.  A portion of any training revenue goes to support the Progressive Professors Forum and endowments at the university of his appointment.

Scott enjoys farming, real estate investing, time with family, and international travel during his free time.  Swimming along with watching any television show written by Aaron Sorkin standout as his top hobbies.  An American by birth, English by ethnicity, and Kenyan by choice, Scott's seventeen (17) year tenure in Kenya stands as a testimony to the Kenyan accepting spirit and how foreigners who care deeply about Kenyan culture and the people feel welcome and can survive and thrive.