Research. Rigor. Relevance.

​Scott researches through Durham University Business School in the United Kingdom.  He focuses on organizational behavior, organizational development, and transformational leadership.  Please follow his latest research through the following link:



Energy. Experience. Expert.

Dr. Scott lectures exclusively on a full-time basis with reputable universities in East Africa.  Academics explore new theories and possibilities and should NOT create an exercise in boredom.  What should you expect by taking a class with Scott?  Scott combines cutting-edge new research and theories all within a humor-filled practical classroom scenario that leads to some of the best applied learning found anywhere on the continent.

Scott's courses typically include leadership, organizational behavior, organizational development, finance, and entrepreneurship.  Receive class notes, slides, and reading material for each semester by visiting links provided in your course syllabus or by clicking the following link: 

Outcomes. Cutting-edge. Innovative.

Take classes, read research, and start a business with a difference.  Scott brings relevant practical content to lecturing, research, training, certifications, and consulting.  Your chances of obtaining a job, performing in your career, and launching a business venture should become greater following a class with Scott.  Please contact Scott through the "Contact" link above for specific outcomes per program.

Unique. Creative. Interactive.

Scott utilizes practical applied learning with simulations to provide similar psychological experiences to the constructs covered in class.  He employs simulations, case studies, role play, skits, up-to-date articles from leading research journals, and engaging lectures.  In Scott's classes, you will NOT be bored.  You will see your cognitive retention of lecture content jump from a standard of 5-10% in standard classes to 35%-40% in Scott's classes.